Social justicE

Has several resources for schools and communities.

  • Beyond the Golden Rule - book to help you teach your children to honor the differences in themselves and in others — and to reject prejudice and intolerance.

  • More Learning for Justice publications for educators and others provide in-depth anti-bias strategies and best practices on critical topics such as school discipline, civil rights instruction and discussing race in the classroom.

Sesame Street: Talking to children about Race, Ethnicity and Culture Booklists to share with young readers Equity in Parent Organizations

Anti-racism Resources for sharing from North Cambridge Courageous Conversations (last updated Nov 2021)

REcognizing and addressing bullying (U.S. gov't sponsored)

PACER's National Bullying Prevention Center

Hollaback, 5D's of Bystander Intervention for Kids

  • Hollaback videos for ages 3-10, helps children understand what racist harassment can look like, as well as showing them empowering and accessible ways to react to harassment.

Conflict resolution for kids

PBS for Parents: 5 Strategies to Help Kids Resolve Conflict

Sunshine Parenting: 5 Steps to Help Kids Resolve Conflicts by Audrey Monke

Parents Magazine: How to Help Kids Handle Fights with Friends By Kate Bayless and Tamekia Reece

Child Mind Institute: Teaching Kids How to Deal With Conflict, Tips for building lifelong skills by Juliann Garey