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RAUC, Baldwin & peabody

April 1 & 3: Community forum on FY24 School Budget proposal

The Situation: CPSD budget for school year 2023-2024 was released on March 14. The only public comment is on March 21 and April 4. The School Committee is currently scheduled to vote on approving the budget on April 4.

Your specific perspective about your school is vital to this conversation!

Program (same for both sessions)

These community forums are meetups of parent/caregivers and school staff to look closely at and discuss what budget impacts might look like at each school and to offer feedback to the district and School Committee about ways the budget can better address the needs of students and schools. Your specific perspective about your school is vital to this conversation! Let’s uplift each other’s voices and experiences. 

These events are co-sponsored by North Cambridge Courageous Conversations, Cambridge Families of Asian Descent and Cambridge Families of Color Coalition.

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Mission statement

North Cambridge Courageous Conversations is a caregiver-led activist group that embraces the life-long work of acknowledging and overthrowing the racism, white supremacy, and systems of oppression inherent in our society. Through education and conversations, we create a community to help each other learn how we can do better for every child in the Baldwin, Peabody, and Rindge Avenue Upper Campus triad of schools. We do this with humility, acknowledging the humanity in all members of our community and celebrating that community’s strength.

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