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RAUC, Baldwin & peabody

Essential Photovoice (Fall/winter 2023)

Using the Essential Photovoice process, this workshop seeks to recruit, in particular, BIPOC and English as a second language participants to take photographs about “difficulties present in your community” as a way to spark conversations in the community when they are exhibited at the conclusion of the program. 

What is Essential Photovoice?

It is an innovative project that uses photography to share ideas and start conversations. It originated with asking women in rural China to take photos about public health issues and then having the women use the photos as the starting point for conversations together.

EPV asks participants to answer prompts with photos. (For example: “Share a photo that shows your community” “Share a photo that shows the deepest issues in your community”). The participants then share their photos with each other, explaining their choices and leading to deeper conversations. The photos serve as a much more accessible and effective conversation starter than text prompts alone -- especially for non-native English speakers. The conversations themselves use the “Reflective Structured Dialogue” (RSD) protocol developed by Essential Partners, which creates a safe space allowing vulnerability and thoughtful conversation, and invites questions of curiosity. Guided by the dialogue, participants caption their photos and refine their choices, selecting photos to create a final public photo exhibition. 

Mission statement

North Cambridge Courageous Conversations is a caregiver-led activist group that embraces the life-long work of acknowledging and overthrowing the racism, white supremacy, and systems of oppression inherent in our society. Through education and conversations, we create a community to help each other learn how we can do better for every child in the Baldwin, Peabody, and Rindge Avenue Upper Campus triad of schools. We do this with humility, acknowledging the humanity in all members of our community and celebrating that community’s strength.

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